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About us

Nutrigen Laboratories is a successful innovative player in food supplements and technology industry. Designed with purity and potency, the breakthrough science behind Nutrigen Laboratories addresses an array of concerns including: hair , weight loss and weight management, skin and many more. At Nutrigen Laboratories we believe in power of nature. Pure natural substances combined with cutting-edge technology takes treating of many health and wellness concerns to the next level - without surgery or other invasive interventions.

The Quality Assurance Team oversees every process — from raw material selection and formula development to the shipment of the final product to your doorstep. Nutrigen Laboratories products are produced using the highest standards, batch release testing, stability storage and production processes, ensuring the highest quality treatments.

At Nutrigen Laboratories, our focus on product quality and customer satisfaction help our customers improve the quality of their lives by supporting their health and wellness goals.

Quality Guarantee

Research - Nutrigen Laboratories dedicates countless resources to the research and development of new products to stay at the forefront of the vitamin and supplement industry. The benefits of a product are researched extensively before raw ingredients are selected and formulation begins. As new ingredients emerge and new health benefits are discovered, Nutrigen Laboratories works closely with researchers, manufacturers and suppliers to make sure we always have the latest products available to our customers.

Purity - Nutrigen Laboratories uses ingredients with superior purity, efficacy and bioavailability, ensuring the quality and benefits of the final product. We work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to source the highest purity raw ingredients from all over the world. Nutrigen Laboratories works with a variety of suppliers to guarantee the ability to identify and select the most potent and pure active ingredients for each nutritional product.

Manufacturing - Our products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing processes (GMP), Food Safety and Quality (HACCP) in certified facilities. All Nutrigen Laboratories nutritional products are manufactured in certified facilities that are carefully monitored and regularly inspected to ensure these high standards are constantly upheld.

Testing - Over 25 different standards must be met for each product - ensuring purity and potency and that they are free of any bacterial agents. Any ingredient that does not meet testing standards is discarded and not used in production. In addition, products are tested for microbial agents, pesticides and other volatile materials as well as screened for harmful agents that can decrease the efficacy of the product and reduce shelf life during the production process. All finished products are tested before packaging to verify that purity, quality and potency have been maintained to specified levels before the products are cleared for distribution.